Cyber Laws

Luminary Law Firm - Cyber Laws
Our Cyber Law team comprises of highly skilled and qualified professionals who have succeeded in resolving the most complex cyber cases including cyber crimes by working in close liasion with cyber crime cell of Delhi Police.
Cyberlaw is also known as Cyber Law or Internet Law.
Cyberlaws prevent or reduce large scale damage from cybercriminal activities by protecting information access, privacy, communications, intellectual property (IP) and freedom of speech related to the use of the Internet, websites, email, computers, cell phones, software and hardware, such as data storage devices.
The increase in Internet traffic has led to a higher proportion of legal issues worldwide. Because cyberlaws vary by jurisdiction and country, enforcement is challenging, and restitution ranges from fines to imprisonment.
We help in –
→ Software Protection & Licensing.
→ Cyber Laws related legal Disputes.
→ Domain names disputes resolution.
→ Credit Card frauds.